Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles


Every day, we are inspired by the students and families we serve. We are inspired by the generosity of our donors. We are inspired by the dedication of our volunteers. This inspiration fuels us as we fulfill our mission to transform the lives of children experiencing homelessness with the power of education.


We recognize and affirm the human dignity of our staff, students, families, and partners. We open our arms to our entire community regardless of disability, race, ethnicity, gender identification, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else that makes one person different from another.


Empathy is our bedrock and north star. We work intentionally to develop a deep and authentic understanding of the lived experience of every student and family we serve. We listen without judgment and meet every individual exactly where they are.


Success requires strategy. Our strategy is driven by the needs of the students with whom we work, their families, and our partners. Once those needs are identified, we develop plans to address them, a method to measure our success, and a system that holds us accountable.


Addressing a challenge as pervasive and complex as youth homelessness demands innovation. We are in constant pursuit of new ideas and methodologies, and we actively encourage our staff and partners to explore new, creative ways to support our students and families.


We deeply value our strong partnerships with shelters, schools, and other community partners. We are more powerful collectively than we are individually, and by fully embracing a team-driven approach we can more effectively address both urgent and long-term goals.


People experiencing homelessness deserve dignity and respect. Instead, they are often met with stigma and stereotypes. We realize that homelessness is a systemic failing, not a personal one. We recognize and respect the humanity of the people we serve. We don’t help “homeless people.” We help humans.