Community-Based Programs

Community-Based Programs

Our community-based programs help school-aged children become active and engaged participants in their educational journey.

Brightlane Learning provides personalized tutoring for children and supportive guidance to their parents and caregivers.

With more than 20 years of experience, a staff of educators and social workers, and hundreds of rigorously trained volunteer tutors, we specialize in helping underresourced students persist in their educational journey.

We are a stabilizing force for students.
We are a stabilizing force for students.

Our team is committed to helping children succeed in their educational journey regardless of the circumstances of their life outside of school. With consistent and compassionate academic support, we make it possible for students to fully participate in their education.


Families who have experienced housing insecurity or homelessness are often working to overcome obstacles in every area of their lives. For children in these families, staying on track in school can be a difficult—and even overwhelming—challenge.


Brightlane Learning supports these families with personalized tutoring aimed at helping their children succeed in their educational journey. We also provide critical wraparound services, helping with everything from school enrollment to transportation support.

  • Individualized Tutoring

    We help students attain grade level skills in a fun, encouraging environment.

  • Parent Workshops

    We engage parents with workshops on topics relevant to their students’ needs.

  • Supportive Services

    We address obstacles by connecting parents to resources that create a web of support.


Tutoring is always the best hour of my entire week.

I love working with each child. It’s sometimes challenging, but always fun. I look forward to each Wednesday. Brightlane Learning has made an impact on me!

Chris Golightly, Brightlane Learning Volunteer
Donna Twedt, 2022 Volunteer of the Year

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