Academic Enrichment and Social Emotional Learning

Academic Enrichment and Social Emotional Learning

Engaging enrichment and social-emotional learning activities are woven throughout our school partnerships and community-based programs.

The trauma associated with homelessness can adversely impact students’ self-regulation and executive functioning skills. Our social-emotional learning programs are designed to help students overcome these intense challenges and increase their learning capacity.

Meanwhile, we get students moving with academic enrichment activities that inspire their imagination and keep their minds—and bodies—engaged. These activities help students advance their development in multiple learning areas, including writing, reading, science, and art.

Our talented volunteers make learning fun.
Our talented volunteers make learning fun.

Brightlane volunteers bring skills to the table that bring learning to life for students. Whether it’s science ambassadors from Corteva Agriscience or software engineers from Salesforce, our tutors take hands-on learning to another level.


Social-emotional learning and enrichment activities are an integral part of any education. And they are especially critical for students who need extra support in their learning journey.


Our activities are tailored especially for these students. From a month-long summer program that prevents learning loss to trauma-informed care focused on academic readiness, we make learning fun for students while supporting their needs with care and compassion.

  • STAR

    STAR (Striving Toward Academic Readiness) prepares early elementary students for scholastic success by introducing them to core concepts.

  • Education Workshops

    In our workshops students learn to code, perform science experiments, and more.

  • Hands-On Art Activities

    We help students expand their artistic knowledge—and make some great art of their own.

Learn more about our enrichment activities and how to bring them to your school or community.

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