Let’s Learn Together: November DEI Insight


Each month, Fatima Johnson, Brightlane’s Community Engagement & Diversity Strategist, will be sharing a DEI insight as we continue to learn together.

What’s the real story behind Thanksgiving and why are some people opting not to call it that or celebrate it in the United States? 

For many of us, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate our family and/or those around us that we treasure. As we celebrate, many of us do not often think of the historical context of the holiday, or even more, have an idealized picture of what the first Thanksgiving looked like. For our Indigenous friends and neighbors, this holiday is a reminder of events and experiences affecting their communities throughout our nation’s history. As you spend time on Thanksgiving focused on your gratitude for your friends, family, and/or gifts in your life, we encourage you to also learn more about Thanksgiving and ways to support Indigenous communities during this holiday and National Native American Heritage Month.