DEI Insight: What Does it Mean to be Anti-Racist?


Our driving force at Brightlane Learning is to meet our students and families where they are. This requires understanding the systemic issues that have led to their current situation and having the knowledge necessary to relate to their cultural backgrounds and lived experiences. As we continue to learn together, Community Engagement and Diversity Strategist Fatima Johnson has shared insight into what it means to be anti-racist.

What does it mean to be anti-racist?

Many of us have heard the term anti-racist, but how many of us actually know what it means? A person who is anti-racist believes that everyone is equal, regardless of race, but also acknowledges the differences between races. They oppose racism and work to change policies and ideas that promote racial prejudice, the oppression of people of color, and any belief and behaviors that perpetuate racist ideas and actions.

To learn more and/or to begin or continue your journey to become anti-racist, check out the following resources: