Reading Comprehension In Action


Reading is powerful! It helps develop language skills, exercises a child’s brain, enhances concentration, and much more. You can help a young reader just by sitting and reading with him. And by applying some simple reading comprehension strategies, you can greatly increase your impact with your student!

Here are some tips we share in our most recent reading comprehension video.

  • Before you even start reading, try a Picture Walk with your student by flipping through the book and looking for pictures together to talk about.
  • You can also talk about whether a book is fiction or non-fiction. This might open the door to more conversation about the topic of your book.
  • Once you start reading, by making connections between the text in the book and the child’s own life experiences, you will improve your student’s reading comprehension skills. Even if a book isn’t based anywhere near reality, there are sure to be points each child can relate to.
  • There will be times when the student struggles with a specific word in the text. Letting the student know that all readers get stuck sometimes usually is enough to boost your student’s confidence so that he will want to carry on.

Whether you are reading aloud to a student, taking turns reading aloud, or just listening as your student reads to you, you can make a big impact and help your student become an expert reader! Want to see all these tips in action? Check out our Reading Comprehension Strategies in Action video. Happy reading!