Every child has the right to an education.

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BRIGHTLANE LEARNING addresses the problem of childhood homelessness with the transformative power of education.

Brightlane Learning
Brightlane Learning
Brightlane Learning
Who We Are

With personalized academic support and advocacy, Brightlane Learning empowers students experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness to become full participants in a learning journey that leads to a brighter future.

How we do it.

We interrupt the cycle of homelessness with personalized academic support for students, and guidance and advocacy for their families and caregivers.

  • School-Based Programs

    School-Based Programs

    Working in partnership with schools, we provide structured, personalized academic support in small groups to K-12 students experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. Our proven interventions help students of all ages stay on track for academic achievement.

    School-based Programs
  • Community-Based Programs

    Community-Based Programs

    Working in places like shelters and community centers, our education support team and volunteer tutors work directly with children and families to ensure continuity of education and, ultimately, scholastic success.

    Community-Based Programs
  • Academic Enrichment and Social Emotional Learning

    Academic Enrichment and Social Emotional Learning

    When young minds experience stress and trauma, learning becomes more challenging. We help students regulate their emotions with academic enrichment opportunities that support their learning capacity. From hands-on calming activities to performance and art experiences, engaging experiences are woven throughout our programming all year round.

    Academic Enrichment and Social Emotional Learning
We eliminate barriers.
We eliminate barriers.

Whether providing transportation support or enrollment assistance, we help families experiencing homelessness overcome all-too-common access barriers.

We build bridges.
We build bridges.

By connecting families to social service providers, community partners, and educational services, we help children overcome barriers to their academic success.

When a single student experiencing homelessness receives the academic guidance she needs to become a full participant in her educational journey, it changes her life. When hundreds—or even thousands—of similar students get the same support, it changes the world.

  • 87%
    Students experiencing homelessness are 87 percent more likely to drop out of school than their housed peers.
  • 51%
    Since 2020, Indianapolis has seen a 51% increase in the number of children who have experienced homelessness.
  • 2x
    The average amount of pandemic-related learning loss for unhoused students was double that of their housed peers.

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